RPAS / Drones

Operating a Drone in Taupo

Anyone wanting to operate a remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) commonly known as a drone in the Taupo Area, is required to request approval from the Aerodrome Operator(s) as detailed in the aerial map, from this web page and by completing the RPAS Application Form, below. Completing an airshare.co.nz flight plan does not provide an approval in the Taupo Area as Taupo Airspace up to 6500ft is uncontrolled.

It is the responsibility of the Operator of RPAS to ensure they fully comply with CAA Rule Part 101 or 102.

Some Conditions of CAA Rule 101 RPAS Operations

  • Must not fly closer than 4km from any aerodrome (unless certain conditions are met such as permission from the aerodrome operator);
  • Must hold a pilot’s licence or a wings badge issued by Model Flying New Zealand if operating within 4km of an aerodrome;
  • Must not fly at night;
  • Must not fly higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level;
  • Must remain in sight of the RPAS at all times;
  • Must have consent from property owners over which RPAS operating;
  • If operating over a public event, CAA approval is required
  • It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure they meet all the requirements of the CAA Rules.

Drone complaints

The Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for investigating complaints about the dangerous use of drones. Report dangerous drone activity with the Civil Aviation Authority

If a drone flies above your property without permission and you feel your privacy has been breached, you can make a complaint to the Privacy Commissoner. Make a complaint to the Privacy Commissoner

If a drone presents an immediate danger to public safety, contact the Police.

Requesting Aerodrome Approval

Fill out the online RPAS Application Form

Please click here to view the full screen version of the web map helper application seen below: