Operational Info

Taupo Airport is an uncontrolled aerodrome situated within a Mandatory Broadcast Zone (MBZ).

Remain clear of the overhead.
We suggest you join downwind, base or finals due to the presence of parachute operations.

AWIB 125.2 will provide you with current weather conditions and operational information.

Rotorcraft operations of any kind are prohibited on grass RWY 10/28 and in the vicinity of the parchute drop area at all times.

Broadcast your position altitude and intentions 118.4 at 15 nautical miles from Taupo aerodrome and again entering the mandatory broadcast zone.

Taupo Aerodrome NZAP
Unattended 118.4
Christchurch information 123.6
AWIB 125.2
DME 116.7
NDB 230

Aerodrome located within Mandatory Broadcast Zone.


ICAO: NZAP – Coordinates:
38.44.36 South – 176.04.27 East